Bringing the Gospel to Life
James 2:14-26 - Author: David Alan Sylvester

Introduction: James says that there is no room for a faith that is not activeinactive faith is no faith at all.

I. Personal Faith is Legitimized by Compassion (vv. 14-18)

A. Genuine faith has feet!

B. John the Baptist said so (Matt. 3:8).

C. Jesus said so (Matt. 5:16).

D. Paul said so (Rom. 2:16).

II. Personal Faith is Realized by Obedience (vv. 19-24)

A. Even the demons believe in God and shudder.

B. Mentally assenting to faith with no accompanying works is useless (v. 20).

C. Abrahams justification as example (v. 21).

D. Faith is perfected (completed) by works (v. 22).

III. Personal Faith is Expressed in Ministry (vv. 25-26)

A. Rahab acted on what she had heard about God and His people (v. 25).

B. Faith without obedience is like a body without breath, an empty shell of no use.

Conclusion: Faith cannot exist apart from works. Works cannot be of any real value without faith. 

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